Semi Permanent Make Up

Ania Paterak

Semi permanent make up, eyebrow tattooing, practitioner covering Cambridge, Peterborough, Melbourn and Cambridgeshire


Semi Permanent makeup can enhance your lips and make them appear much fuller, youthful and more defined. No more smudging or lipstick bleeding.

Lip contour

Adds the perfect definition to your lips. No need to apply that lip liner ever again!

Lip blush

Is the most popular lip treatment of choice. It is a defined lip line blended towards the body of the lips giving them beautiful shape and fullness that we always dreamt of. Due to ageing process lips loose the shape, the line washes off, lipstick smudges – this treatment can fix all of that instantly. No more lipstick and smudging. Beatuifl and subtle enhancement to your lips.

Full lip colour

Those of you that lip blush is just not enough. This treatment redefine the contour and lip colour which instantly give them fuller appearance.

Lips 1 Lips 3 Lips 2

Lip tattooing available from Semi permanent make up Cambridgeshire

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